[GFCA] JV/Novice State - Announcements and Reminders

Lyndsey Hinckley lyndsey.hinckley at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 16:46:54 PST 2017

Good evening, coaches!

JV/Novice State is almost here! I look forward to seeing everyone competing
this weekend at Houston County High School. I wanted to make you aware of a
few announcements/updates as you make your final plans for the weekend.

*1) Entries: *Fields are finalized on Tabroom.  No more entries will be
accepted off the waitlist. Any entries still on the waitlist have been
considered not fully qualified. If you disagree, please email me

This also applies to *judges*. Any judge obligations not covered have been
hired out. We will not reverse these fees, as people have been hired in
these spots.

*2) Drops: *If you have any drops to make between now and the tournament,
please email them to me (lyndsey.hinckley at gmail.com) and Jeffrey Miller (
jmill126 at gmail.com)

Emailing both of us guarantees the most prompt reply.  One of us will
confirm when we've made the changes.

*3) Elims:* Based on numbers, Novice Policy, Novice LD, Novice PF and JV PF
will clear to quarterfinals. JV Policy and JV LD will clear to semifinals.

*4) Prelims:* Novice LD and JV LD will now have *6 prelims. *The decision
to add a preliminary round was based on numbers, and will allow the most
students with winning records to advance to elimination rounds. Round 6
will be single flighted so as not to add additional time to the tournament.

*5) Topics:* LD will debate the January/February topic. PF will debate the
February topic.

*6)* *Congress:* Packets have been posted on Tabroom, and were also emailed
last week. Judging and final chamber assignments will be sent out mid-week.

*7)* *Registration Forms: *Please bring the completed and signed
principal's form (Statement of Eligibility and Supervision) to
registration. This form must be signed by each school's principal *and* head
coach. If you'd like to submit prior to registration, please scan and email
completed form to lyndsey.hinckley at gmail.com

You will also need to bring the signed Judge Bond Form to registration.
Remember that your $100 judge bond check must be separate from your entry
fees. You may want to look over the registration checklist
to make sure you've completed all other necessary steps.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to a great
State Tournament this weekend.

Thank you,

Lyndsey Hinckley
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