[GFCA] At Large Eligibility for Varsity State

Jeffrey Miller jmill126 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 11:52:51 PST 2017

Hi, everyone,

To give Lyndsey a little break this week as she prepares for JV/Novice
State - I sent out eleven different emails with event specific information
for At Large Applications for Varsity State.  Although I may have bombarded
your email *(Sorry!) *- we thought this was the best way to spread
information about the At Large Process and make coaches aware of specific
students they could apply.

You can find specific rules regarding At Large Applications and the
Selection Committee in our By Laws under 4.22(c)

Luckily we have simplified the process for coaches this year - you can read
how to do apply for at larges here
<http://www.gaspeechanddebate.org/state/varsity/atlarge> (it's as easy as a
click of the button!)

*If you think you have a student eligible in a division and did not receive
an email for that division - please email me.  *

The At Large Selection Committee is made up of the Executive Committee and
the Area Coordinators on the board.  This year, they are:

   - Walter Cotter, Lassiter High School (Area 1)
   - Jeffrey Miller, Marist School (Area 2)
   - Maggie Berthiaume, Woodward Academy (Area 3)
   - Cherie Ullo, Rockdale Magnet School (Area 4)
   - Pamela Childress, Valdosta High School (Area 5)

Lyndsey Hinckley, Columbus High School (Area 5) will oversee the selection

Lyndsey will send out an email after JV/Novice State about the exact
process that the Selection Committee will use to make their decisions for
the top 8 in each division.

Thank you!

Jeffrey Miller
Chair of the Executive Committee, GFCA

Jeffrey Miller
Marist School
Director of Speech & Debate
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