[GFCA] Important State Updates from Host - Schedule, Meals, Map, and more

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Thu Feb 23 15:08:13 PST 2017

Sorry to repeat emails - but wanted to ensure everyone received this copy
of important updates about Varsity State.

Hi, coaches,

We are excited to host you at Marist School next weekend for the GFCA
Varsity State Championships.  This year marks the *LARGEST* Varsity State
tournament ever.  All the debate events require six prelim rounds, two
debate events will require full octofinal rounds and four speech events
will require semifinal rounds.  We have a couple of announcements as the
host school to share with you.

*1) Schedule.* As Lyndsey explained last week, the schedule had to be
modified to accommodate all of these rounds.  This means an earlier start
than previously announced for all events.  The Marist administration has
graciously scheduled final exams around the State Tournament to allow
multiple buildings to open early for the GFCA.  All debate divisions will
begin at 2:00pm and speech divisions will start as early as 4:15pm.  *Please
click here to download the new schedule.
schedule is broken down by event and color coded so it is easier to read.

We will be using electronic ballots in all debate events.  We will be using
*PAPER* ballots in speech events.  We are using paper ballots in speech to
avoid false forfeitures for double-entered students.   We will still be
using *electronic pairings and notifications* for all events. No paper
pairings will be made available.  Ballot pickup will be located directly
between the tabroom and the judge's hospitality room.

It will be absolutely *vital* that we stay on schedule, as we are already
ending late on Saturday night.  Since the schedule is very tight this year,
Lyndsey wanted me to remind you about judge bonds - the GFCA will forfeit
judge bonds of any school who has a judge show up more than 5 minutes late
to their round.

*2) Campus Map.* Although Marist is not a very large campus, we will still
be using ten different buildings.  We've created a campus map to make it
easier for your teams to locate their buildings they are in.  F*or the
weekend we will be based out of the Centennial Center (which Young Gym is
inside).*  The student lounge, coaches lounge and tab room will all be
located in this building. *This is not where we were based in 2015. *You
can download a campus map here.

We have final exams on Friday and most end by 1pm.  Please try to arrive on
campus around 1:15pm - there will be some traffic during this time as
parents are picking up students from finals.  Lyndsey will send out parking
directions next week for everyone.

If you need to arrive on campus prior to 1pm, please email me and I can
arrange something for you.

*3) Meals.*  We are finalizing meal data for the caterers on Friday.
Please finalize your numbers in tabroom so we can get an accurate count for
you.  You should order food for your students AND your judges.  I just
realized today that Lent starts next Wednesday (which is important for
Catholic schools).  *We may be adding a fish option for your students who
may like that.  I will know in the morning after my meeting with the head
caterer.*  Please email me directly if you have students who would like
that and I can manually enter it if we add it after the due date.

On the schedule, I have noted specific lunch times for each event - this is
very important for your students to follow. If they don't the food trucks
will be too busy on Saturday for your students to get their food and eat
with enough time.   During the lunch time, our State Tournament Sponsor -
Summit Debate - will be giving two identical presentations about their
summer institute options.  One will begin at 12:30pm and the other will
begin at 1:30pm.  Every student and coach should be able to attend one or
the other.  Jenny Cook, the director of Summit Debate, will be bringing
free merchandise for students as well as giving away scholarships to the
Summit Institutes not only to students but also School Scholarships.

Since Saturday is going later this year, we will be providing some food for
purchase for your students.  Since this was not built into the fee
structure for 2017 - the food will be economical and quick (aka pizza), but
at least your students will not be starving as they go into their final

We will have snacks and beverages for your judges and coaches in the
hospitality lounge - located right above Young Gym in the Crest Lobby.

*4) Hall of Fame & Service Luncheon*.  This year we have tried to align the
luncheon during a round.  We figured this is better than during a break
where you want to be working with your teams.  The luncheon falls during
Policy Round 5, PF Round 6, LD Round 6, Platform Speaking Round 5,
Impromptu Quarters, and Interp Round 4.

If you would like this specific round off to attend the luncheon, please
email me and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We will accommodate
head coaches first, then assistant coaches and then your judges.

The Marist Speech & Debate program looks forward to hosting you next
weekend - please do not hesitate to email me with any questions about the
State Championship.


Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Marist School
Director of Speech & Debate
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