[GFCA] Varsity State Registration - IMPORTANT Updates

Lyndsey Hinckley lyndsey.hinckley at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 10:38:23 PST 2017

Good afternoon, coaches:

Please read this email carefully for important updates regarding deadlines
and registration for the Varsity State Tournament.

1) *Registration Deadline: *Registration for NEW entries will be closing
Tuesday, February 21 for State.  You can still edit/make changes until
February 24, but you may NOT add new entries after Tuesday. We have had to
make this change because events are currently at or very near their caps,
and we will be adjusting schedules, etc. accordingly.
2) *Hired Judges: *If you plan to hire judges, they need to be requested
NOW!  The last day to request judges will be Wednesday, February 23.  Any
uncovered entries will *not* be allowed to compete.
3) *Schedule: *Events are very large this year. Currently, we anticipate
octafinals in two debate events, quarters in 1 speech event, and semis in 4
speech events. This means that the schedule must be modified.  We're
currently asking Marist School how many rooms are available at 2pm.  Some
events may have an earlier start time on Friday. *This is to avoid rounds
going into Sunday.*
4) *At Large Applications:* are due tomorrow! We have sent out lists of
at-large eligible students, as well as at-large applications already
received. Remember to check the "at-large" box when registering these
students on Tabroom.
5) *Food Orders:* Please order food for your *students* AND *judges*
through Tabroom. Food orders are due February 26.
6) *Principal's Form: *The Principal's Form (Statement of Eligibility and
Supervision) must be completed and *emailed to me* (
lyndsey.hinckley at gmail.com) by *Monday, February 27*. Schools that have not
submitted this form will not be allowed to compete.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you
all for a great State Tournament!
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