[GFCA] Varsity State - Registration Closes TODAY

Lyndsey Hinckley lyndsey.hinckley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 06:34:52 PST 2017

Good morning, coaches,

A few quick reminders as Varsity State approaches:

*1) Registration Closing! *Please remember that Varsity State registration
for new entries closes TODAY. We are at capacity in all events and will not
accept any additional entries after today.This includes regular season
qualifiers and member bids.


   - Please make sure that you complete your *judging information* as soon
   as possible. This is crucial so that we know our hiring needs.
   - *All requests for hired judging are due tomorrow, Wednesday, February
   - Any uncovered entries will *not* be allowed to compete.
   - Only FULL DAY judges will be accepted. Remember that you must have a
   judge available for every round and at least one elimination round. (Even
   if you owe three rounds, we can't guarantee which three rounds those will
   - Remember that *all team coaches* must contribute at least one round to
   the judging pool.

*3) Principal's Form:*
As you finalize your registration, remember to complete the Principal's
Form for your school (Statement of Eligibility and Supervision). This form
*must* be completed and emailed to me by Monday, February 27. You can find
the form on Tabroom. <http://gfca.tabroom.com> I have already received
forms from Cherokee, Northview, Starr's Mill, and Woodward.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to seeing
everyone at State next weekend!
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